Thursday January 19, 2108

Railroaders Video and Dinner

Reservations Required

Friday January 19, 2018

Asian Salad $7.00

Breaded Chicken with walnuts. Strawberry, Orange mandarin over Mixed Salad

and Raspberry Dressing


Herring in Wine $7.00

Smoked Salmon $7.00

Bavarian Onion Soup $2.00/3.00

Main Course

Wiener Schnitzel (breaded Pork) $14.00

Beef Burgundy $16.00

Hungarian Pusta Kotelette $15.00

Pork chops with Pepper Onion Mushroom Paprika Sauce 

Leberkaese with Sautéed Onion $14.00

Lobster Ravioli with Vodka Sauce $17.00

Shrimp with Bacon, Spinach and Garlic over Fettuccini $17.00

Boiled Grouper with Balsamic Reduction $17.00


Nutella Crepes with Whipped Cream $6.00

Saturday January 20, 2018

Gosda Fundraiser/Neuer Vorstand Tanz

Our Neuer Vorstand Tanz (New Executive Board Dance) will be combined with a fundraiser for Charlie and Grace Gosda. The children lost both their parents, who were club members, to cancer. The proceeds of the evening will be donated to the trust fund for the children. The cost of the event is $25, which will include unlimited hors d’oeuvres. There will be a cash bar. Donations are being accepted, and your support and presence is greatly appreciated.